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My name is Moji. I go places, I see things, I taste, touch, feel and bury those experiences in my mind. From those moments, I make sounds and collaborate with some lovely people. This is a place where you'll be able to find out the different happenings in my ever-expanding bubble.


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short bio

Moji Abiola is a singular talent who creates an expanse of feeling and sincerity in her performances; solo or backed by a full band she captivates your attention. Whether it’s sultry Jazz, gritty Blues, in-your-face Rock n Roll, or twangy Folk Moji finds a way to embody the spirit of the song and give the truth space to take flight. Moji Abiola will be releasing her first solo EP, The Gardener in 2019. The Gardener blends Jazz with Electronic elements and West African-inspired rhythms.

Long bio

Influenced by a multitude of genres including classical, soul, rock, punk, and jazz, Moji Abiola uses her extraordinary vocal prowess and compositional skill to encapsulate complex emotions in her music. As the front woman and songwriter of bands MOJI and Moji & The Midnight Sons she has played sold out shows in Texas, Iceland, and opened for international acts such as Adia Victoria, San Fermin and Of Monsters and Men. Her bands have also toured and played music festivals across the United States. She has caught the attention of notable music figures and has shared the stage with Pearl Jam’s Eddie Vedder, Glen Hansard, played for Bruce Springsteen, and performed on David Letterman’s The Late Show. Her adventures in music have led her to collaborations with artists from Ciudad de Juarez, Oslo, Copenhagen, Reykjavik, Canada, Texas and places in between. 

Moji attended Banff Centre’s Jazz and Creative Music Workshop guided by world renowned voices in jazz and creative music such as Vijay Iyer, Jen Shyu, Tyshawn Sorey, and Imani Uzuri. Since then her musical journey has entered a new trajectory that blends genres more than she has in her past releases.  

After spending 2018 composing and writing Moji Abiola will be releasing her first solo EP, The Gardener in 2019. The Gardener blends Jazz with Electronic elements and West African-inspired rhythms.




“After hearing just a couple words come through the monitors, it’s more than enough to understand that Abiola‘s vocals – as natural as they are – certainly are not from this planet. The simplistic setup of a guitarist and a drummer as support lends itself perfectly to a talent that does not need any computer made bells and whistles to deem it “popular” or “radio-worthy”.” - Brandon Enyeart (Lemonade Magazine, 2017)

“Lucky fans of all ages packed into KEX to catch this incredible performance. they have an incredible stylistic range, ranging from soul, to RnB, to blues, all assisted by Moji’s gorgeous and unbelievably dynamic voice… an emotional performance showcasing Moji’s killer pipes and incredible vocal range. This performance was a true pleasure from start to finish, and definitely one of the standout performances of Airwaves 2016.” - KATY MCCOURT-BASHAM (KEXP, 2016)

“Tighter-than-a-clenched-fist musicians backing a front woman whose expressive and powerful vocals are no-nonsense yet nuanced.”- Jesse Sendejas Jr. (HOUSTON PRESS, 2015)

“the band’s got a big point in their favor in frontwoman Moji Abiola; she can be a sultry crooner when she wants to, but she can also belt it out like Billie Holiday or Bessie Smith, and when she really cuts loose, it’s pretty incredible.”- Jeremy Hart (Space City Rock, 2015)


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